Base class medm screensΒΆ

There are 2 medm screens for the NDPluginDriver. The first is NDPluginBase.adl. This exposes a subset of the EPICS PVs for the NDPluginDriver base class. It is normally included in the medm screen for every plugin. For example, the following is the medm screen for the NDPluginStdArrays plugin. Because this plugin does not have any additional records beyond those in the NDPluginDriver base class, this medm screen consists only the NDPluginBase.adl file.


NDPluginBase.adl displays only the PVs that are most commonly used, and does not expose the PVs that are intended more for expert configuration. NDPluginBaseFull.adl displays all of the PVs in NDPluginDriver base class, include those controlling the queue size, number of threads, output array sorting, etc. This display can be opened from the More related display menu in NDPluginBase.adl.