areaDetector  3-12-1
EPICS areaDetector framework
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1 #ifndef NDPluginGather_H
2 #define NDPluginGather_H
4 #include <set>
6 #include "NDPluginDriver.h"
8 typedef struct {
12  asynGenericPointer *pasynGenericPointer;
18 public:
19  NDPluginGather(const char *portName, int queueSize, int blockingCallbacks,
20  int maxPorts,
21  int maxBuffers, size_t maxMemory,
22  int priority, int stackSize);
24 protected:
25  /* These methods override the virtual methods in the base class */
26  virtual void processCallbacks(NDArray *pArray);
27  virtual asynStatus connectToArrayPort(void);
28  virtual asynStatus setArrayInterrupt(int connect);
31 private:
32  int maxPorts_;
33  NDGatherNDArraySource_t *NDArraySrc_;
34 };
36 #endif
Class from which actual plugin drivers are derived; derived from asynNDArrayDriver.
Definition: NDPluginDriver.h:58
bool connectedToArrayPort
Definition: NDPluginGather.h:13
void * asynGenericPointerInterruptPvt
InterruptPvt for connecting to NDArray driver interupts.
Definition: NDPluginGather.h:9
void * asynGenericPointerPvt
Handle for connecting to NDArray driver.
Definition: NDPluginGather.h:11
virtual asynStatus connectToArrayPort(void)
Connect this plugin to an NDArray port driver; disconnect from any existing driver first,...
Definition: NDPluginDriver.cpp:565
asynUser * pasynUserGenericPointer
asynUser for connecting to NDArray driver
Definition: NDPluginGather.h:10
asynGenericPointer * pasynGenericPointer
asyn interface for connecting to NDArray driver
Definition: NDPluginGather.h:12
virtual void processCallbacks(NDArray *pArray)=0
Definition: NDPluginGather.h:8
Definition: NDPluginAPI.h:41
N-dimensional array class; each array has a set of dimensions, a data type, pointer to data,...
Definition: NDArray.h:94
virtual asynStatus setArrayInterrupt(int connect)
Register or unregister to receive asynGenericPointer (NDArray) callbacks from the driver.
Definition: NDPluginDriver.cpp:533
A plugin that subscribes to callbacks from multiple ports, not just a single port.
Definition: NDPluginGather.h:17