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NDPluginAttrPlot Class Reference

AD plugin that saves attribute values from recieved NDArrays. More...

#include <NDPluginAttrPlot.h>

Inheritance diagram for NDPluginAttrPlot:
NDPluginDriver asynNDArrayDriver

Public Member Functions

 NDPluginAttrPlot (const char *port, int max_attributes, int cache_size, int max_selected, const char *in_port, int in_addr, int queue_size, int blocking_callbacks, int priority, int stackSize)
 Constructor. More...
void start_expose ()
 Starts the data exposure task. More...
void processCallbacks (NDArray *pArray)
 Caches the values of attributes in the array. More...
asynStatus writeInt32 (asynUser *pasynUser, epicsInt32 value)
 Called when an OUT record with asynInt32 interface is processed. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from NDPluginDriver
 NDPluginDriver (const char *portName, int queueSize, int blockingCallbacks, const char *NDArrayPort, int NDArrayAddr, int maxAddr, int maxBuffers, size_t maxMemory, int interfaceMask, int interruptMask, int asynFlags, int autoConnect, int priority, int stackSize, int maxThreads, bool compressionAware=false)
 Constructor for NDPluginDriver; most parameters are simply passed to asynNDArrayDriver::asynNDArrayDriver. More...
 ~NDPluginDriver ()
virtual asynStatus writeFloat64 (asynUser *pasynUser, epicsFloat64 value)
 Called when asyn clients call pasynFloat64->write(). More...
virtual asynStatus writeOctet (asynUser *pasynUser, const char *value, size_t maxChars, size_t *nActual)
 Called when asyn clients call pasynOctet->write(). More...
virtual asynStatus readInt32Array (asynUser *pasynUser, epicsInt32 *value, size_t nElements, size_t *nIn)
 Called when asyn clients call pasynInt32Array->read(). More...
virtual void driverCallback (asynUser *pasynUser, void *genericPointer)
 Method that is called from the driver with a new NDArray. More...
virtual void run (void)
 Starts the thread that receives NDArrays from the epicsMessageQueue. More...
virtual asynStatus start (void)
 Starts the plugin threads. More...
void sortingTask ()
 Method runs as a separate thread, periodically doing NDArray callbacks to downstream plugins. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from asynNDArrayDriver
 asynNDArrayDriver (const char *portName, int maxAddr, int maxBuffers, size_t maxMemory, int interfaceMask, int interruptMask, int asynFlags, int autoConnect, int priority, int stackSize)
 This is the constructor for the asynNDArrayDriver class. More...
virtual ~asynNDArrayDriver ()
virtual asynStatus readGenericPointer (asynUser *pasynUser, void *genericPointer)
 This method copies an NDArray object from the asynNDArrayDriver to an NDArray pointer passed in by the caller. More...
virtual asynStatus writeGenericPointer (asynUser *pasynUser, void *genericPointer)
 This method currently does nothing, but it should be implemented in this base class. More...
virtual asynStatus setIntegerParam (int index, int value)
 Sets the value for an integer in the parameter library. More...
virtual asynStatus setIntegerParam (int list, int index, int value)
 Sets the value for an integer in the parameter library. More...
virtual asynStatus readInt32 (asynUser *pasynUser, epicsInt32 *value)
virtual asynStatus readFloat64 (asynUser *pasynUser, epicsFloat64 *value)
virtual void report (FILE *fp, int details)
 Report status of the driver. More...
virtual asynStatus createFilePath (const char *path, int pathDepth)
 Function to create a directory path for a file. More...
virtual asynStatus checkPath ()
 Checks whether the directory specified NDFilePath parameter exists. More...
virtual bool checkPath (std::string &filePath)
 Checks whether the directory specified exists. More...
virtual asynStatus createFileName (int maxChars, char *fullFileName)
 Build a file name from component parts. More...
virtual asynStatus createFileName (int maxChars, char *filePath, char *fileName)
 Build a file name from component parts. More...
virtual asynStatus readNDAttributesFile ()
 Create this driver's NDAttributeList (pAttributeList) by reading an XML file This clears any existing attributes from this drivers' NDAttributeList and then creates a new list based on the XML file. More...
virtual asynStatus getAttributes (NDAttributeList *pAttributeList)
 Get the current values of attributes from this driver and appends them to an output attribute list. More...
asynStatus incrementQueuedArrayCount ()
asynStatus decrementQueuedArrayCount ()
int getQueuedArrayCount ()
void updateQueuedArrayCount ()

Protected Attributes

int NDAttrPlotData
int NDAttrPlotDataLabel
int NDAttrPlotDataSelect
int NDAttrPlotAttribute
int NDAttrPlotReset
int NDAttrPlotNPts
- Protected Attributes inherited from NDPluginDriver
int NDPluginDriverArrayPort
int NDPluginDriverArrayAddr
int NDPluginDriverPluginType
int NDPluginDriverDroppedArrays
int NDPluginDriverQueueSize
int NDPluginDriverQueueFree
int NDPluginDriverMaxThreads
int NDPluginDriverNumThreads
int NDPluginDriverSortMode
int NDPluginDriverSortTime
int NDPluginDriverSortSize
int NDPluginDriverSortFree
int NDPluginDriverDisorderedArrays
int NDPluginDriverDroppedOutputArrays
int NDPluginDriverEnableCallbacks
int NDPluginDriverBlockingCallbacks
int NDPluginDriverProcessPlugin
int NDPluginDriverExecutionTime
int NDPluginDriverMinCallbackTime
int NDPluginDriverMaxByteRate
- Protected Attributes inherited from asynNDArrayDriver
int NDPortNameSelf
int NDADCoreVersion
int NDDriverVersion
int ADManufacturer
int ADModel
int ADSerialNumber
int ADSDKVersion
int ADFirmwareVersion
int ADAcquire
int ADAcquireBusy
int ADWaitForPlugins
int NDArraySizeX
int NDArraySizeY
int NDArraySizeZ
int NDArraySize
int NDNDimensions
int NDDimensions
int NDDataType
int NDColorMode
int NDUniqueId
int NDTimeStamp
int NDEpicsTSSec
int NDEpicsTSNsec
int NDBayerPattern
int NDCodec
int NDCompressedSize
int NDArrayCounter
int NDFilePath
int NDFilePathExists
int NDFileName
int NDFileNumber
int NDFileTemplate
int NDAutoIncrement
int NDFullFileName
int NDFileFormat
int NDAutoSave
int NDWriteFile
int NDReadFile
int NDFileWriteMode
int NDFileWriteStatus
int NDFileWriteMessage
int NDFileNumCapture
int NDFileNumCaptured
int NDFileCapture
int NDFileDeleteDriverFile
int NDFileLazyOpen
int NDFileCreateDir
int NDFileTempSuffix
int NDAttributesFile
int NDAttributesStatus
int NDAttributesMacros
int NDArrayData
int NDArrayCallbacks
int NDPoolMaxBuffers
int NDPoolAllocBuffers
int NDPoolFreeBuffers
int NDPoolMaxMemory
int NDPoolUsedMemory
int NDPoolEmptyFreeList
int NDNumQueuedArrays
class NDArray ** pArrays
 An array of NDArray pointers used to store data in the driver. More...
class NDAttributeListpAttributeList
 An NDAttributeList object used to obtain the current values of a set of attributes. More...
int threadStackSize_
int threadPriority_


class ExposeDataTask

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from asynNDArrayDriver
class NDArrayPoolpNDArrayPool
 An NDArrayPool pointer that is initialized to pNDArrayPoolPvt_ in the constructor. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from NDPluginDriver
virtual void beginProcessCallbacks (NDArray *pArray)
 Method that is normally called at the beginning of the processCallbacks method in derived classes. More...
virtual asynStatus endProcessCallbacks (NDArray *pArray, bool copyArray=false, bool readAttributes=true)
 Method that is normally called at the end of the processCallbacks()) method in derived classes. More...
virtual asynStatus connectToArrayPort (void)
 Connect this plugin to an NDArray port driver; disconnect from any existing driver first, register for callbacks if enabled. More...
virtual asynStatus setArrayInterrupt (int connect)
 Register or unregister to receive asynGenericPointer (NDArray) callbacks from the driver. More...
bool throttled (NDArray *pArray)

Detailed Description

AD plugin that saves attribute values from recieved NDArrays.

The plugin caches last attributes values in and exposes the selected ones periodically to the EPICS layer in waveform records. The plugin only works with numerical Attributes. The type of the attribute is discarded, all attributes are interpreted as doubles.

The attributes are read from the NDArray on the first frame of acquisition and populated in first come first served fashion (unpredictable order). On reset or reacquistion the cache is cleared and all data is discarded.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ NDPluginAttrPlot()

NDPluginAttrPlot::NDPluginAttrPlot ( const char *  port,
int  max_attributes,
int  cache_size,
int  max_selected,
const char *  in_port,
int  in_addr,
int  queue_size,
int  blocking_callbacks,
int  priority,
int  stackSize 


portPort name of the plugin.
max_attributesMaximum number of Y1 attributes to save.
cache_sizeSize of the cache for an attribute.
max_selectedMaximum number of selected Y1 attributes.
in_portPort from where the NDArrays are recieved.
in_addrAddress from where the NDArrays are recieved.
queue_sizeSize of the NDArray callback queue.
blocking_callbacksShould blocking callbacks be used.
priorityPriority of the internal thread.
stackSizeStack size for the internal thread.

Member Function Documentation

◆ processCallbacks()

void NDPluginAttrPlot::processCallbacks ( NDArray pArray)

Caches the values of attributes in the array.

Also resets the driver if the UID of the NDArray is lower than the last cached one.

pArrayThe NDArray from the callback.

Implements NDPluginDriver.

◆ start_expose()

void NDPluginAttrPlot::start_expose ( )

Starts the data exposure task.

◆ writeInt32()

asynStatus NDPluginAttrPlot::writeInt32 ( asynUser *  pasynUser,
epicsInt32  value 

Called when an OUT record with asynInt32 interface is processed.

pasynUserStructure that encodes the reason and address.
valueValue to write.

Reimplemented from NDPluginDriver.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ ExposeDataTask

friend class ExposeDataTask

Member Data Documentation

◆ NDAttrPlotAttribute

int NDPluginAttrPlot::NDAttrPlotAttribute

◆ NDAttrPlotData

int NDPluginAttrPlot::NDAttrPlotData

◆ NDAttrPlotDataLabel

int NDPluginAttrPlot::NDAttrPlotDataLabel

◆ NDAttrPlotDataSelect

int NDPluginAttrPlot::NDAttrPlotDataSelect

◆ NDAttrPlotNPts

int NDPluginAttrPlot::NDAttrPlotNPts

◆ NDAttrPlotReset

int NDPluginAttrPlot::NDAttrPlotReset

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