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NTNDArrayInfo Struct Reference

#include <ntndArrayConverter.h>

Public Attributes

int ndims
size_t dims [ND_ARRAY_MAX_DIMS]
size_t nElements
size_t totalBytes
int bytesPerElement
NDColorMode_t colorMode
NDDataType_t dataType
std::string codec
struct {
   int   dim
   size_t   size
   size_t   stride
struct {
   int   dim
   size_t   size
   size_t   stride
struct {
   int   dim
   size_t   size
   size_t   stride

Member Data Documentation

◆ bytesPerElement

int NTNDArrayInfo::bytesPerElement

◆ codec

std::string NTNDArrayInfo::codec

◆ color

struct { ... } NTNDArrayInfo::color

◆ colorMode

NDColorMode_t NTNDArrayInfo::colorMode

◆ dataType

NDDataType_t NTNDArrayInfo::dataType

◆ dim

int NTNDArrayInfo::dim

◆ dims

size_t NTNDArrayInfo::dims[ND_ARRAY_MAX_DIMS]

◆ ndims

int NTNDArrayInfo::ndims

◆ nElements

size_t NTNDArrayInfo::nElements

◆ size

size_t NTNDArrayInfo::size

◆ stride

size_t NTNDArrayInfo::stride

◆ totalBytes

size_t NTNDArrayInfo::totalBytes

◆ x

struct { ... } NTNDArrayInfo::x

◆ y

struct { ... } NTNDArrayInfo::y

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