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The top-level repository for the EPICS areaDetector software. This repository contains mostly documentation, configuration files, and a top-level Makefile to build the entire areaDetector package.

The areaDetector code is contained in submodules under this module. Four of these are “core” submodules:

  1. ADSupport. This contains the source code for support libraries (TIFF, JPEG, HDF5, XML2, etc.). This is required for Windows and vxWorks, and can optionally be used on Linux and Darwin.
  2. ADCore. This contains the base classes, plugins, and documentation.
  3. ADSimDetector. This contains an example 2-D simulation detector driver and IOC.
  4. ADViewers. This contains viewers for displaying areaDetector images in ImageJ and IDL.

All of the other submodules (ADProsilica, ADPilatus, etc.) contain drivers and EPICS IOC applications for specific detectors.

Additional information:

See the following documentation about the git submodule feature and how it can be used:

To get a clone of the full areaDetector distribution (core, plugins and drivers) do a recursive clone of this repository:

git clone --recursive