areaDetector  3-12-1
EPICS areaDetector framework
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NDStats Struct Reference

#include <NDPluginStats.h>

Public Attributes

size_t nElements
double total
double net
double mean
double sigma
double min
size_t minX
size_t minY
double max
size_t maxX
size_t maxY
double centroidThreshold
double centroidTotal
double centroidX
double centroidY
double sigmaX
double sigmaY
double sigmaXY
double skewX
double skewY
double kurtosisX
double kurtosisY
double eccentricity
double orientation
double * profileX [MAX_PROFILE_TYPES]
double * profileY [MAX_PROFILE_TYPES]
size_t profileSizeX
size_t profileSizeY
size_t cursorX
size_t cursorY
double cursorValue
epicsInt32 * totalArray
epicsInt32 * netArray
int histSize
double * histogram
double histMin
double histMax
epicsInt32 histBelow
epicsInt32 histAbove
double histEntropy

Member Data Documentation

◆ centroidThreshold

double NDStats::centroidThreshold

◆ centroidTotal

double NDStats::centroidTotal

◆ centroidX

double NDStats::centroidX

◆ centroidY

double NDStats::centroidY

◆ cursorValue

double NDStats::cursorValue

◆ cursorX

size_t NDStats::cursorX

◆ cursorY

size_t NDStats::cursorY

◆ eccentricity

double NDStats::eccentricity

◆ histAbove

epicsInt32 NDStats::histAbove

◆ histBelow

epicsInt32 NDStats::histBelow

◆ histEntropy

double NDStats::histEntropy

◆ histMax

double NDStats::histMax

◆ histMin

double NDStats::histMin

◆ histogram

double* NDStats::histogram

◆ histSize

int NDStats::histSize

◆ kurtosisX

double NDStats::kurtosisX

◆ kurtosisY

double NDStats::kurtosisY

◆ max

double NDStats::max

◆ maxX

size_t NDStats::maxX

◆ maxY

size_t NDStats::maxY

◆ mean

double NDStats::mean

◆ min

double NDStats::min

◆ minX

size_t NDStats::minX

◆ minY

size_t NDStats::minY

◆ nElements

size_t NDStats::nElements

◆ net

double NDStats::net

◆ netArray

epicsInt32* NDStats::netArray

◆ orientation

double NDStats::orientation

◆ profileSizeX

size_t NDStats::profileSizeX

◆ profileSizeY

size_t NDStats::profileSizeY

◆ profileX

double* NDStats::profileX[MAX_PROFILE_TYPES]

◆ profileY

double* NDStats::profileY[MAX_PROFILE_TYPES]

◆ sigma

double NDStats::sigma

◆ sigmaX

double NDStats::sigmaX

◆ sigmaXY

double NDStats::sigmaXY

◆ sigmaY

double NDStats::sigmaY

◆ skewX

double NDStats::skewX

◆ skewY

double NDStats::skewY

◆ total

double NDStats::total

◆ totalArray

epicsInt32* NDStats::totalArray

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