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fftPvt_t Struct Reference

#include <NDPluginFFT.h>

Public Attributes

int rank
int nTimeXIn
int nTimeYIn
int nTimeX
int nTimeY
int nFreqX
int nFreqY
int suppressDC
int numAverage
double * timeSeries
double * FFTComplex
double * FFTReal
double * FFTImaginary
double * FFTAbsValue

Member Data Documentation

◆ FFTAbsValue

double* fftPvt_t::FFTAbsValue

◆ FFTComplex

double* fftPvt_t::FFTComplex

◆ FFTImaginary

double* fftPvt_t::FFTImaginary

◆ FFTReal

double* fftPvt_t::FFTReal

◆ nFreqX

int fftPvt_t::nFreqX

◆ nFreqY

int fftPvt_t::nFreqY

◆ nTimeX

int fftPvt_t::nTimeX

◆ nTimeXIn

int fftPvt_t::nTimeXIn

◆ nTimeY

int fftPvt_t::nTimeY

◆ nTimeYIn

int fftPvt_t::nTimeYIn

◆ numAverage

int fftPvt_t::numAverage

◆ rank

int fftPvt_t::rank

◆ suppressDC

int fftPvt_t::suppressDC

◆ timeSeries

double* fftPvt_t::timeSeries

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