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NDAttrValue Union Reference

Union defining the values in an NDAttribute object. More...

#include <NDAttribute.h>

Public Attributes

epicsInt8 i8
 Signed 8-bit integer. More...
epicsUInt8 ui8
 Unsigned 8-bit integer. More...
epicsInt16 i16
 Signed 16-bit integer. More...
epicsUInt16 ui16
 Unsigned 16-bit integer. More...
epicsInt32 i32
 Signed 32-bit integer. More...
epicsUInt32 ui32
 Unsigned 32-bit integer. More...
epicsInt64 i64
 Signed 64-bit integer. More...
epicsUInt64 ui64
 Unsigned 64-bit integer. More...
epicsFloat32 f32
 32-bit float More...
epicsFloat64 f64
 64-bit float More...

Detailed Description

Union defining the values in an NDAttribute object.

Member Data Documentation

◆ f32

epicsFloat32 NDAttrValue::f32

32-bit float

◆ f64

epicsFloat64 NDAttrValue::f64

64-bit float

◆ i16

epicsInt16 NDAttrValue::i16

Signed 16-bit integer.

◆ i32

epicsInt32 NDAttrValue::i32

Signed 32-bit integer.

◆ i64

epicsInt64 NDAttrValue::i64

Signed 64-bit integer.

◆ i8

epicsInt8 NDAttrValue::i8

Signed 8-bit integer.

◆ ui16

epicsUInt16 NDAttrValue::ui16

Unsigned 16-bit integer.

◆ ui32

epicsUInt32 NDAttrValue::ui32

Unsigned 32-bit integer.

◆ ui64

epicsUInt64 NDAttrValue::ui64

Unsigned 64-bit integer.

◆ ui8

epicsUInt8 NDAttrValue::ui8

Unsigned 8-bit integer.

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